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A school specifically designed for Him.

A growing body of research shows that boys learn and develop differently from girls and that single-gender programs are more educationally effective for boys than co-educational experiences.  At Berchmans, we have embraced these findings to create an outstanding environment for boys that is specifically engineered to meet their needs.  From major decisions about design and operation of the school to small every day details of running a classroom, we have created a culture that is always asking: What is best for boys?

In our unique setting, classrooms are taken outdoors so that nature can be directly incorporated into the lessons. We understand that boys need to move, jump, run, play, and rest in order to activate their brains and their love of learning.  At Berchmans Academy, our rigorous, college-preparatory academics partner with our love of nature to create the perfect pairing and an ideal setting for boys to grow, learn, and perform at their very best.