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It's our Favorite Family event of the year... Congé!

Save the date because on April 1, we will be celebrating all day long with FUN for the whole family! This event is open to our entire community, so be sure to invite friends to come and experience our beautiful campus and the very best of our Sacred Heart Goal 4 Community!

There will be fantastic music, games, rides, egg hunt, silent auction, cabanas, congeritas, and don't forget.... confetti eggs!  

Join us as a Congé Sponsor!


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We are so thrilled that you are interested in joining us this year as a Congé sponsor! Please note sponsorships that include a Congé cabana are limited, so reserve yours today!

Congé Event Sponsor ($2500): The premier sponsorship for Congé includes everything you need for a fantastic time at Congé! A custom Congé canvas tote, 4 Congé t-shirts, 50 raffle tickets, a 10x20 cabana with 2 tables and 6 chairs, and 4 all-play game bands.

Confetti Sponsor ($1000): Support at the Confetti level receives a custom Congé canvas tote, 4 Congé t-shirts, 30 raffle tickets, a 10x10 cabana with 1 table and 2 chairs, and 2 all-play game bands.

Community Sponsor ($500): Receives a custom Congé canvas tote, 2 Congé t-shirts, 30 raffle tickets

Cabana Sponsor ($300): Exclusive for Sacred Heart Families!  This sponsorship includes a 10x10 cabana, 1 table and 2 chairs, and 2 all-play arm bands. This sponsorship can be split between families.

Friend Sponsor ($200): This includes 2 Congé t-shirts and 20 raffle tickets.


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Advancement Department

Aimee david cotter, '99          director of advancement

Confetti Eggs

It would't be Congé without confetti eggs!  Each year, we sell hundreds and hundreds of dozens of confetti eggs and the remnants "glitter" our campus for weeks!

Congé Through the Years

Congé is a French word meaning holiday or permitted leave.  Since the founding of the school, Sacred Heart students have been granted congés, days in which to leave their studies for a day of fun and celebration.  In the 1940s, an annual spring Family Congé began.  The students and the religious invited alumnae, friends, and family to join them on campus for games, food, crafts, and fun.  The tradition has continued over the years, becoming a much-anticipated day of celebration for our entire community.