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The All-Boys Difference

When you consider the advantages of an all boys’ school, the first thought that might enter your mind is that “no girls” means fewer distractions.  While there may be some truth to that, there is also significant data suggesting that the benefits of an all boys’ education are much broader.

The Proof is in the Research

Physiological Differences

Boys and girls learn differently for a very simple biological reason – their brains are built differently.  Given, their differences, boys and girls perform better provided different stimuli. 

For instance,

  • Boys tend to have a larger cerebellum, resulting in better sensory perception, coordination, and motor control; coupled with the higher levels of spinal fluid in the male system, messages between the brain and body tend to move more quickly and with less impulse control in males.
  • The limbic system has fewer connections in boys to verbal processing areas.  This means that boys typically have a physical response over a verbal response in stress and highly emotional situations. 
  • Boys' brains tend to use more gray matter when completing tasks, meaning that they tend to gravitate towards singular tasks and projects, rather than mutitasking.

Fewer Social Pressures

Boys mature on their own schedule, and learning how to cope with and relate to girls on a daily basis in a coed environment can add stress during those early adolescent years.

An all boys' setting removes the stress on boys to interact and relate to girls and allows them to develop confidence without social distractions found in coed classrooms.

Greater Academic Achievement

Recent data suggests that girls outperform boys in higher education, in part attributed to better social and behavioral skills that girls develop earlier in life. Because an all boys school puts the emphasis on boys and their specific learning and social needs there can be an improvement in their academic success.  An all boys’ school allows students to develop socially, behaviorally and academically at their own pace and in their own unique ways, and as a result, boys' academic achievement improves.

Freedom to pursue new interests

An article published on the NASSPE website explains that without these stereotypes boys can be feel more freedom to pursue interests such as art, languages, community service and music. 

Lifelong Brotherhood

All boys’ schools are known for having unique systems of core values and traditions.  Participation in the ceremonies and activities associated with these traditions allows boys to make strong bonds with their peers and to develop lasting friendships.  For instance, the Running of the Boys, Courir Chicken Chase, or even just the adventures in the woods all create core memories for our students that bond them together for the rest of their lives.