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Berchmans Preparatory (Grades 5-7)

Middle school is a time of rapid growth for boys.  Just as they sprout up physically, their academic, social, and emotional needs also grow. At Berchmans, our highly-skilled faculty are experts in understanding the needs of growing boys and they celebrate this growth and challenge our boys to make wise choices throughout the day.  

Prep curriculum is challenging, dynamic, and captivating and allows our boys to broaden their interests and their minds through discovery, exploration, and discussion.  It is collaborative and collegial, while simultaneously tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Preparatory Grades (Grades 5-7)

Preparatory Administration

Angie Boagni                                    division head

Chris Garvey
dean of students

charlotte lahaye, 
Ed.D, NBCT       
curriculum coordinator                

Field Studies

We recognize that positive and meaningful learning experiences occur both in and outside of the classroom and we seek every opportunity to immerse our boys in field trips that enhance their learning experiences.

Furry Fridays

Fridays are typically assessment days  which can be a source of anxiety for some students.  Ms. Nehrbass-Vidrine's black lab, Chomp, makes regular visits on Furry Fridays to ease the tension and sit with the boys as they take their tests.