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College Guidance

Berchmans Academy offers a comprehensive college counseling program to help guide students and their parents through the complexities of the college search and application process. The goal of the program is for the college counselor to help each student identify her personal gifts and strengths in order to select a college that will serve her needs, enhance growth, and provide a foundation for the future. Students receive assistance in organization of the college search, application and admissions procedures, PSAT and ACT preparation and testing, interviewing techniques and scholarship application. To complete their high school experience, Academy of the Sacred Heart students participate in a two-week full-time career internship program their senior year.

Students are welcome to meet with the college counselor at any time and are encouraged to visit throughout their high school years.


College visits are open to all Upper School students during free period and lunch. 10th-12th grade students are allowed to visit recruiters, when on campus,  during class time with permission from their teacher and the College Counselor. Parents are also encouraged to attend.


College Guidance Office

elizabeth hansen                        college counselor